Finally, after all this time,
the Bright Hills Cooks Guild 
offers a feast that was 2 years in the planning!
In order to secure a seat for feats it is recommended that a reservation made through SCArs be made. Tickets at Troll cannot be guarenteed.

Menu for Royal Archery & Trial by Fire Event

Bread & butter

Assorted pickles 


Roast Chicken

Sallet of Greens

Roasted Squash

Mixed grains / “Corn”


Entrement - Gelye in Peele


Roast Pork

Juniper Berry Sauce


Carrots & Parsnips

Fungi di Monte (Mountain Mushrooms)

Egg Noodles



As always, the Cooks reserve the right to modify this menu as required.

Pierced Cauldron2.jpg