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Although an SCA event has but one Autocrat/Steward, it is impossible to actually run any event without the help of so may others. 
It has been my greatest honor to serve as Autocrat for Trial by Fire and Royal Archer and a wonderful joy to have so many volunteers to assist and guide both me and this event.  This chosen family I have found myself connected to is a source of immense delight.  Thank-you Atlantia.

The following is (I hope) a list of those who spent their time, skill, imagination and strength to make TbF/RA an enjoyable event.

Archery: Lord Lewin de Partone, Master Seamus McRay, Baron Gordon, Lord Aiden, Lady Raven de Partone, Lady Eadgyth the Archer (Silent Auction)

At Troll: Lady Clara von Wonsiedel, Lord Alexander Hunter, Lady Rebekkah Samuel

TbF Check-in: Lord Llywelyn Blaidd coch

Lunch/Vigil Snacks: The wonderful Shire of Spiaggia Levantina!  (Eleri, would you send me their names?)

Kitchen and Feast and TbF Judging: Mistress Brienna Llewellyn Lindsay (Head Cook), Baron Gustav Emile der Dunkele Rotvogel, Lady Aye der Dunkele Rotvogel, Mistress Cordelia FitzRobert of York, Lady Maeve FitzRobert of York, Mistress Jeanne Tennur de Bec, Lord Rhys of Ravenhill, Master Bruce (the Robert) Murray, Melissa, Elizabeth, George

Reservations (SCArs): Lærimoðir Deirdre O'Bardon

Newcomers: Maestra Barbara Giomaria di Roberto

Gold Key: Lord Wrad of Ce, Now Mistress Rebecca Von Zweckel

Royal Stuff: Chagan Khulan Bagshee, Mistress Faye de Trees

Arts and Sciences display: Lord William Ringlancer, Lady Sindara Lind Rachael Fessel of
the Falconshield

Parking: Lord Monkgdai Berke

Bardic/Poetry: Deirdre (again!) Mistress Avice Claremond, Master Richard Wyn...the OTHER Wyn!

Special Transportation off Site: Lord Cairell mac rock!

And a big Thanks to all those who assisted in set-up and take down, who acted behind the scenes, and who gave gentle words of encouragement and advice to anyone who needed it.
Thank-you Newcomers for attending.  We hope to see you again, many times!
Thanks to Lady Scholastica Joycours and Lord Sfi who were our two Trial contestants.  Wonderful and tasty food, as always.
I am very grateful to Their Majesties King Cuan and Queen Adelhait and His Highness Prince Abran for attending the event.  Your presence in the barony could be considered decorations on an already well-icinged cake.  It is a joy to serve you.
The event web site will remain up until the fee expires.  I plan on publishing the results of the day as well as the recipes from Trial.
My thanks to anyone whom I have not yet mentioned, please forgive an old lady brain and let me know so your contribution may be noted and lauded.
Again, THANK-YOU ATLANTIA!  My home, my friends, my family.

With deep love and in service,
Dame Wynne ferch Rhodri
















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