Once again the Atlantian populace will gather in the Barony of BRIGHT HILLS to test them selves with two completely different contests.

On Saturday, September 10th through

Sunday September 11th, 2022

be prepared to marvel at the skill & deeds of Atlantian Cooks and Archers.


We meet on the "fields of battle" at the

Baltimore Bowmen

10301 Harford Rd

Glen Arm, MD. 21057

Here will be decided the finest Cooks and mightiest Archers in the Kingdom.  Of course we also invite any and all from our sister Kingdoms to compete as well.  This is a time when too many Cooks will not spoil anything!

Please use the above links for more information.  As the plans for the event are still being worked this site will change to bring you up-to-date information.

The days Schedule:

Friday, 9 Sept:

                              Troll opens at 5:00 pm

                Bardic around a roaring fire...any time after that.

Saturday, 10 Sept:

                  8:00- Troll opens

                              Trial by Fire registration begins

                  9:00- Royal Archery registration begins

                              Rounds begin immediately afterwards.

                              Merchants open

                  9:30- Arts and Sciences displays welcome to set up.

                             Children's activities tent open (children must be                                              accompanied by an adult.)

                 10:00- Brief Court

                               Bardic Challenge immediately afterward.

                               Poetry contest submissions due.

                 11:45- TbF contestants using wood or charcoal may

                                light their fires.

                 NOON- Trial by Fire Contest begins!

                                  Archery is still ongoing

                                  Lunch by Spiaggia Levantina  

                 1:00- TBD

                 2:00- TBD

                 3:00- TBD

                 4:00- Trial by Fire contest ends.  All dishes must be       

                              presented to Judges tent.   Judging begins.

                            Royal Archery ends.  Please turn on score sheets to 


                 5:30- Royal and Baronial Courts.

                 6:30- Or there-abouts FEAST by the Bright Hills Cooks


                 After Feast-  More bardic around the campfire.

Sunday, 11 Sept:

                   1:00 pm- Event closes.  Travel home in safety! 

                                             See you next year.


Event Personnel:

Autocrat: Dame Wynne ferch Rhrdri (Jill Crowther-Peters)                                          jay_wynne@hotmail.com

Archery: Lord Lewin de Patrone (Brian Parton)                                         



Feast: Mistress Brienna Llewellyn Lindsey (Mandy Bird)                                      ladybrienna@gmail.com

Reservations: Mistress Deirdre O' Bardon (Debbie Eccles)           



Merchants: Lady Livia di Samuele (Sherril Abramson)                       


Children's Activities: Any Volunteers?

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