Welcome Atlantia!
                         Welcome to all!  Friends, neighbors, allies, adversaries. You are
                           sorely missed and long looked-for. 
It is with great pleasure that
                     we invite you all to the Barony of Bright Hills second event of the year...



                                                            The Schedule thus far:               

                Friday, 1 Oct- 3:00 pm- Site opens
                                         6:00 pm-   Meet and Greet.  
                                        Any time after that- BARDIC!!!
                 Saturday, 2 Oct- 8:00 am- Troll opens.
                                              10:00 Royal and Baronial Courts
                         (Actual court times may vary due to the whims of Their Majesties)

                                              NOON- Trial by Fire competition begins.

                                                   1:00 pm- The Bardic Competition will begin. 
                                             4:00 pm- TbF competition ends and judging begins.
                                             5:00 pm Royal and Baronial Courts.   

                 Sunday, 3 October- 1:00 pm- site closes.  Drive home safely, see you next year!

Autocrat: Dame Wynne ferch Rhodri (Jill Crowther-Peters)
                           jay_wynne AT hotmail DOT com (use TbF/RF in the subject heading.)
Deputy Autocrat: Mistress Deirdre O'Bardon (Debra Eccles) (Royal Archer)
                                deirdre_obardon AT yahoo DOT com  (use TbF/RF in the subject heading.)
Marshal in Charge: Lord Aiden Kilkenny-
jessetrump AT hotmail DOT com
Merchants: Lady Livia di Samuel- abramsonsm AT gmail DOT com
Arts and Sciences: Dumnona- dumnonasca AT gmail DOT com

                                                     OR brighthills DOT moasAT gmail DOT com
Bardic: Lady Caillaech- hickman_sl AT yahoo DOT com

                               Masks must be worn!

Trial by Fire & Royal Archery